Turn sidewalks into catwalks! Discover the secrets of walking with elegance and confidence in  high heels from real-life model and fashion show producer Suzanne Fetting. ~Wearing a great pair of high heels can make a woman feel beautiful, elegant, sexy, powerful, and confident. But as young women, we are not taught how to walk correctly in high heels   –we are just expected to know how to! I know because I did not know how to walk in high heels until I became a model. Now,  I can glide effortless on any surface, be it a catwalk, sidewalk, or marble floor. Speaking from experience, ... 

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Learn and practice in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

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Get personal high heel training and instruction to increase your confidence.

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My name is Suzanne Fetting, a Confidence Coach from beautiful Vancouver, B.C.

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High Heel Appeal in the spotlight. Check out interviews and articles.

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