Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Ball of Foot Cushions

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Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Ball of Foot Cushions

These fabulous little must-haves are a necessity for anyone who wear high heels. Particularly those of us that might just be a little over the age of 25. As we age, we lose that protective layer of fat cushioning on the balls of our feet. So, that means in order to maximize comfort, we MUST use these ball of foot cushions. When I meet women that are wearing high heels and are complaining about the balls of their feet hurting. The very first I ask them is: “Do you have ball-of-foot cushions in your heels?” 90% of the time they say no because thy aren’t aware of these great little cushions. They relieve pressure from the balls of our feet and comforts ball-of-foot areas to ease pain. And unlike the other solid pads out there, these liquid-gel cushions conform to the shape of  our feet for a custom fit and massage with every step (or with every dance move 😉

They have a sticky substance on the bottom that sticks to your shoes so they don’t slide around. They are clear and small enough that they are not noticeable and they are thin enough that they don’t  make your shoes too tight.

The liquid gel cushions conforms to the shape your feet and they also absorb shock. They are effective in all footwear, not just your high heels. So get a few pairs 🙂

Get your Ball of Foot Cushions HERE

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