Learn how to walk in high heels in the privacy of your own home.

Discover the secrets of walking with elegance and confidence in high heels with this instructional DVD from real-life model and fashion show producer Suzanne Fetting.

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Learn to walk like a model in less than half an hour from the comforts of your own home!

Immediately after the Global National story broke out, I began to get lots of phone calls and inquiries from all over the country. People were asking if I could fly to their city to host local classes. Others asked me if I could film my class and burn them copies.

Finally, I gave in to the pressure. I found a producer, hired a couple of fabulous models, a talented videographer and made an incredibly unique DVD on how to walk in high heels. It is shot professionally in high-definition, features myself and my friends, and is jam-packed with information, practical tips and exercises that you can use right away.

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Buy the High Heel AppealDVD today


Here are just some of the topics covered in my DVD:

  • How to buy the right kind of high heels
    – Come along while I shop for heels and show you how to select the best heels and what to watch out for.


  • How to walk gracefully in high heels
    – Step-by-step instruction and “real world” advice.


  • The secret to wearing heels with much more comfort and ease
    – You will be surprised because this info is not common knowledge -the majority of women do NOT know this valuable information!
  • How to walk with correct posture and poise
    – Forget about “standing up straight.” I will show you ALL the insider tips, step-by-step, that are used by runway models.


  • How to glide up and down stairs
    – 3 minutes is all you will need to learn these techniques!
  • How to take care of your feet
    – Our feet take us everywhere we go, get the info you need to ensure you take good care of them.


  • The strengthening and stretching exercises to prevent injury and reduce discomfort – I learned all of these crucial exercises from top runway models, athletic coaches and physiotherapists, to help have more toned, defined, stronger and sexier legs.



If you want to always feel confident and powerful in high heels, if you want to avoid embarrassment and humiliation, or if you just want to have to charm and grace if a model, then get my DVD now.

At $25, it truly is a bargain. Try signing up for a modeling class. Even 15 minutes will cost you more than the High Heel AppealDVD which you can re-watch over and over! For what would cost less than a dinner out, you will learn important lifelong skills that will transform the way other people see you!

Live Life Fully!

~Suzanne Fetting~

P.S. This DVD is great for all ages…teenagers to seniors. If you are uncomfortable or nervous wearing them for the first time or the hundredth time, this DVD is for YOU!


High Heel Appeal DVD

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Here’s some photos of the production with my fabulous models, Brooke and Natalia







Buy the High Heel Appeal DVD today

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