The Dragons’ Den
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 at 8:00 PM
on CBC Television.

Filming took place at the CBC Studios in Toronto in May.

Tune in to watch my pitch to the Dragons….the ULTIMATE test of my confidence! 

*Guaranteed entertainment!* 🙂

Dragons_den Dragons_den_High Heel Appeal (5) Dragons_den_High Heel Appeal (10)

CRAVE 2010

The Urban Girl’s Manifesto is the most unique and stylish guidebook for entreprenesses that showcase the most creative, interesting, and gutsy proprietors throughout Vancouver


crave book

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Ming Pao Chinese Newspaper

March 24, 2011


The Express TV Show – August 27-29th 2010

How to Walk in High Heels

CRAVE Book –  2010

The book will be available for purchase in November.

cravecrave book

BC Business Magazine – September 2010

“Walking in Heels” – Page 79


New Day Northwest TV- June 17, 2010

“How to walk in high heels”

Live morning TV talk show segment with host Margaret Larson on:

“Tackling a monumental problem facing women today…how to walk in high heels without falling over.
A lesson from an expert in learning to walk in high heels like a lady at any age.”

New Day Northwest TV- How to walk in high heels

New Day Northwest TV- How to walk in high heels

24 Hours newspaper – April 30, 2010

“High heels have their appeal”

Absolute Confidence Coaching Vancouver

It’s time to take off those flats and embrace the glorious height of high heels. Local Confidence Coach Suzanne Fetting is teaching women (and the occasional man) how to strut their stuff in the soaring shoes without bailing on the sidewalk…

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The Vancouver Sun – October 21, 2009

Suzanne Fetting’s mission from on high: “I really want to make this city sexier!”



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Breakfast Television – October 22, 2009

Suzanne Fetting’s 2 segments on How To Walk In High Heels

QMFM Radio
“The Mike & Tara Show” – October 22, 2009

qmfm2 qmfm1

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Talk 1410 Radio
“Simi Sara Show” – October 22, 2009



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GLOBAL NATIONAL News – June 2, 2009
High Heel Appeal -Learn how to walk in high heels

Radio Interview – May 26, 2009
The Beat 94.5 – The Kid Carson Show – Suzanne Fetting Interview




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Maclean’s Magazine – May 18, 2009




In Vancouver, a former runway model is giving classes to teach women how to walk in high heels. At 6 p.m. on a Tuesday evening, the professional-looking women, who have each paid $25 to attend, are sitting in a semicircle listening to the tips dispensed by High Heel Appeal workshop instructor Suzanne Fetting.

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Radio Interview – March 29, 2009
CJSF Radio – Absolute Confidence Interview

CJSF radioCJSF radio
CJSF radio

The Vancouver Observer – April 6, 2009

As with the general population, I have days when I feel confident, loved, beautiful and happy. I also have days when I feel guilty, messy and generally, uninspired by life. What I want most is to be able to generally eliminate the gross days and replace them with amazing days; who wouldn’t want that?

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The Source newspaper


For Suzanne Fetting, founder of Absolute Confidence, no woman is a lost cause. Whether you loathe your body or have given up hopes of a successful career, or feel bereft without a loving partner, Suzanne sees it as her mission to pull you out of your shell.

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