“In August of 2009 I began preparing for my first fitness modeling competition. I had precisely ninety days to get myself ready. To begin with, I thought I would need only to come to the stage with a well-balanced, lean and muscular physique. As I went through the process of dieting down and working with a posing coach, I began to realize there was much more I would need to bring to the stage than a great body, I would be judged by my stage presence, my confidence, my connection with the judges and crowd, and most challenging for me, my grace moving across the stage through poses. A standard piece of the fitness model competition suit is a pair of clear sky-high heels. I had never been able to walk comfortably in a pair of high heels in my life and walked awkwardly across the floor in front of my posing coach right up to my final month of preparation. My posing coach, with a look of fear in her eyes, told me that somehow I was going to have to master my high heels. Wobbling during turns and clunking across the stage stiffly would not win me any points.

A friend of mine mentioned that she knew a woman named Suzanne who taught a high heel class! I looked Suzanne up on the web and booked a spot immediately in an upcoming High Heel Appeal seminar. Thank heavens I did!  I learned the techniques necessary for landing my foot precisely with each confident, hip-swaying step; and I practiced daily for the following three weeks.  By the time I reached the stage I felt ready. When my name was called I pranced confidently across the stage, hitting each turn and pose with GRACE!

Thanks Suzanne for making the terror inducing experience of walking across the stage in a bikini and heels for the first time an empowering one!”

Jennifer Oele

Praia Fitness BCRPA Personal Trainer












“Wow…was I ever pleasantly surprised to learn so much about the importance of properly buying and wearing high heeled shoes. I didn’t know what to expect going to your class. I just knew that I needed to learn how to walk properly in the beautiful new pair of stilettos I bought that have been sitting in my closet collecting dust. In such a short period of time I was surprised to learn so much about high heels. You really are an expert and it is so apparent that you really love what you do. Your class was a delight and I have recommended you to all of my friends.”

– Terri S.


“I was really excited about attending your class. I found it to be very interesting and you did teach a lot of information that I had no clue about before….so I did learn quite a few new things. It’s going to take a bit of practice for me before I fully get the walking technique since I rarely wear heels, but I am looking forward to mastering it!
I am impressed at your high heels expertise. Thank you!”

– Yasiv Marin








“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend Suzanne’s High Heel Appeal Class. Everyone was a little nervous, as adults its not common for us to admit to our shortcomings but there we all were of various ages and high heel experience, hoping we would make it through the next hour without spraining an ankle or wiping out. Suzanne was wonderful about attending to our individual concerns and desired outcome for the course, she had us laughing and at ease instantly. With her ease, invaluable experience and some surprising tips we were ready to take the plunge in our stilettos. Not only did we spare ourselves the public humiliation of wiping out but we learned how to ascend and descend a set of stairs with grace. I now have the confidence to go forth and strut in my beautiful shoes – thank you Suzanne!”


– Tammy Hamilton


“I’ve never felt confident walking in high heels, that is why I don’t buy high heels over 3 inches. I know if I bought anything higher than 3 inches, I would stumble and fall when I wear them or they would be displayed in my shoe rack forever.. However, the day that I read the article in 24hours newspaper about a class on “How to walk in high heels with confidence”, I didn’t think twice about sharing this wonderful information with my girlfriends and we registered for the class. Finally, my prayers are answered. I will finally be able to walk in high heels 🙂

Suzanne Fetting, a beautiful woman with confidence and poise, is truly an inspiration. She taught us the key points of how to walk in high heels with confidence using the proper techniques. The class was very informative and fun from beginning to end! By the end of the class, I was able to walk in the highest pair of high heels that I own with confidence. I can’t wait to flaunt my new found love- walking in high heels gracefully and confidently. “Small, smooth, and slow” all the way! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and expertise with us!”

– Carla Bondoc


“Thanks Suzanne for making me love my high heels! I’ve been scared to wear heels for years and now I wear them every chance I get.”

– Wendy Birch


“Suzanne’s High Heel Appeal class definitely made me more self confident and dare I say a more “glamorous” woman!! My husband is absolutely thrilled to see me strut around in my high heels.”

– Katherine S.


“I hired Suzanne for a private lesson while in Vancouver on a business trip. I have to wear high heels in my office and have never been comfortable doing so. After a one hour lesson with Suzanne I can say whole-heartily that she was incredibly helpful and that I now wear my heels without fear…I feel much more powerful and elegant too. Thank you very much”

– Sunny G.


“I always worried that everyone was staring at me while I stumbled around the few time I tried wearing heels and was just trying my very best not to fall over. Now I know they are looking at me for different reasons. now i’m rocking my high heels with confidence 🙂

– Alicia M.


“Your class was such a blast. You are such a great teacher, very knowledgeable, helpful and so funny! You entertained all of us, and made the class so much fun. You also made everyone feel so comfortable. I felt like I was hanging out with a long time girl friend. Thank you very much for doing what you do, I just wish you were doing this years ago, so I could’ve learned what I learned now a long time ago!!!”

– Ashley T.


“As a male who has always been curious about wearing high heels, I was very happy to find Suzanne’s High Heel lessons. She helped me with so many aspects of wearing high heels as a man –I now have a whole new respect for the ladies in their stilettos. I was completely unaware of the fact that there is so much to know! I came to our first private lesson feeling shy and nervous but very quickly felt as if I was hanging out with an old friend. Suzanne is truly an expert who is friendly, kind, non-judgmental and clearly very passionate about her work.
Thank you Suzanne for making my dreams of learning how to walk in high heels with femininity and grace a reality.”

– Micheal S.


“Thanks so much your fabulous private lesson.  As a mere male, I had wondered how the ladies in my life could glide so elegantly in heels.  You opened my eyes, showed me how.  It was an amazing lesson I’ll never forget, a wonderful experience I never thought achievable. Truly uplifting!  One for the Bucket List.
Since then, your fantastic tuition has proven invaluable.  At Halloween, we went as a family to a dinner theatre murder-mystery “Roaring Twenties.” We went as 1920s flappers – in gold heels, of course.  Never done that before – daughters’ idea.  I won the costume prize – how about that!  Thanks again for opening the door to the joy of high heels.”

– Appreciatively, JT


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